The Idea of Leaves within the Dying Tree

Cover 25pcPlease visit Finishing Line Press to pre-order your copy of The Idea of Leaves within the Dying Tree.  The number of pre-orders determines the eventual press-run.  More pre-orders mean more copies of the book will be printed.

Now, here’s a little bit more about the poems in the collection.
Four poems have been previously published in literary magazines:

“Pheasant on a Postcard from Iowa City” was published in The Chronogram.
(Click to read the poem)

“The Best Week” and “Chinese Parsley” were published in Glassworks.
(Click to view the issue online. The poems are on pages 28 and 29.)

“In Times Like These” was published in the South Dakota Review.

If you’re wondering what some of the poems are “about,” here are some hints.  There are poems “about” mistaken identity (“We Stop on the Hiking Trail to Observe the Sleeping Doe”), stir fry and cilantro (“The Best Week” and “Chinese Parsley”), AK-47s (“Against Epiphany”), neutrinos and electrons (“For a Moment I Thought It Might Really Have Happened” and “The Cottage at Pheasant Lake”), gin and tonics (“A Place for His Toothbrush”), uncomfortable barcaloungers (“To the College Students Stuffed Uneasiliy into Their Easy Chair”), toilets that won’t flush (“The Second Year”) and eating holiday dinner at the kids table (“Uncle Bwendan”).

Finishing Line Press and I would both appreciate it if you visited their site and ordered your copy today.  (Order here.)  Thanks so much for visiting.

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